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WordPress has been our go-to platform for web development since 2006. It’s a robust tool that allows you create sites needing lots of functionality.

We’ve created websites, online stores, learning management systems, Intranet portals, and customer relationship management systems using WordPress as the core.

We’ve been involved with WordPress for some time so we know a couple of things about it!

Why we use WordPress

  • It’s a good all round platform that has a maintained core,
  • It’s a cost effective platform for building fully functional day-to-day or specialised websites,
  • We’ve been using it for some time and have extensive knowledge in it,
  • We provide comprehensive support packages for maintaining your site.

Tech Stuff

  • We provide support, updates and security patches through our Website Support Packages for WordPress,
  • We carefully select and vet the plugins you need for your site,
  • We host in Australia on our own servers,
  • We host your website on a server that best suits your needs,
  • With our hardware providers we monitor and maintain the system for you.

Why WordPress for your Business?

  • Lots of functionality for speciality sites,
  • You can have a developer write specific functionality for your particular needs,
  • It has a worldwide of users and developers providing tools to improve its usage,
  • It can be integrated with lots of other systems and social media platforms

The Value to you

  • You can get greater functionality for future growth as your site develops,
  • It has a great news and updates feature through the blog mechanism, flagging Google you have new content,
  • It has flexibility to grow,
  • Greater and easier portability if you want to move your site to somewhere else other than us (it happens).

Request a call and a web audit

It’s easy to be stuck in the technology, and we don’t like boring you with unnecessary technology details.

If you want to talk more about web platforms, and in particular know how your website is going, request a FREE 15 minute call.

We will start you off with a website audit to assess your online presence.

The audit will give you and us a clear idea of what’s going well and what needs improvement.

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Let us help your business grow with a great website.

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