5 Tips for Working Remotely During this Crisis

COVID-19 has impacted every business in Australia. The Australian Government restrictions and advice for workplaces has changed the way that we do our jobs and where we do them. Unless your occupation is deemed essential, you’ll probably be working remotely – at home.

I understand that these changes to work at home has posed a big change, and possible challenge to those whose work is usually based in the complete opposite environment. 

Remote working can be difficult for some.

Personally, I’ve had a lot of experience working remotely. It’s not a bragging point, just the way the cards were dealt to me in my work career. 

We love working in teams, however I was always sent out by the team to do my bit – implement the technology and train the staff. After 9 years of overseas travel work to implement and train personnel in foreign countries, working remotely became my norm. Here’s some things I’ve learnt.

5 Tips for Working Remotely

1. Create a Healthy Work Environment

Ensure your new work space is comfortable, ergonomic and has everything you need to help you keep focused and engaged. 

Some key things to have:

  • Ergonomic Desk and Chair
  • Large and hi-quality output computer screen
  • If using a laptop, ensure it’s propped up to your eye level. Plug in a seperate keyboard and mouse to keep your arms and hands relaxed and comfortable. 
  • Computer screen that dims at night (reduce blue light)
  • Music, if that’s your thing (it’s definitely mine)
  • Natural light and open windows. 

2. Follow your Regular Work Routine

I highly recommend sticking to your normal work hours. It’s easy when you’re home to say, I’ll just do a little bit more. But, there comes a time when it’s best to walk away and refresh yourself from your work. 


You need it and your work needs it.

Inspiration has often come to me when I walk away from the job.

Whether its to get a coffee, have a quick stretch outside, or finish up for the day at around 5pm. 

Remember to take breaks and get away from the screen. Set alarms on your computer or phone so that you don’t forget.

Be disciplined about this.

3. Be Organised

Make sure you have your work organised in a way that it can be scheduled. Enter tasks into a calendar or a task list for the day.

Whatever helped to keep you on track with your workload in your workplace, implement it at home.

Being organised like you are at your office helps with your productivity and overall engagement throughout the day.

4. Never Waste a Good Crisis

Someone once said, ”A problem is an opportunity looking to be solved”. 

Unfortunately, this time of crisis is going to affect most businesses, if it hasn’t already. It will mean business owners will have more time on their hands.

While you have this time, use it as an opportunity to ‘work on the business’ to make it more efficient and effective. 

This might look like creating and implementing new forms or processes, cleaning up something, getting rid of something, etc.

You know that list in the back of your mind that keeps getting pushed further and further back for a time when you actually have time?

Well, here it is, here’s your opportunity. 

Start preparing for the future for when we come out the other side of this tunnel.

5. Look at improving your business for the season after this one

Look at ways you can improve your business in this downtime. 

To help, we’d like to offer our assistance to help you.

Your Web Presence is still up and running during this time, and we would love to help you during this time.

Do you have an idea and want to see if it is viable? Maybe you’re looking for inspiration? We can help you!

We can get your business online, revamp your website to accommodate online sales, and/or improving your search engine discover-ability. We provide strategic planning and can design how to get your ideas going.

Let’s make good use of this time to ready your business for the next season.

Get in touch with me today and we can have a chat.


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