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A Journey of Empowerment

In the picturesque Hall Village, on the northern border of Canberra, a beacon of positivity and empowerment has emerged. The creation of a new, exciting and incredibly necessary health service has come to life – Self Nurture Health and Wellness.

Your Web Presence has had the incredible opportunity to help a dream become a reality for Kylie Osborne, the visionary behind Self Nurture Health and Wellness.

Her business is a haven for women seeking to transform their lives and embark on a journey towards better wellbeing. Kylie’s mission is to equip women with the tools they need to flourish in life. With the launch of her stunning new website, she’s ready to touch more lives than ever before.

A Winning Start

Kylie’s journey with Your Web Presence began when she won our annual competition in the Hall Village Rural Fringe Newsletter, earning her a free website makeover. This partnership has resulted in a website that is not only visually inviting but also packed with valuable resources for women looking to enhance their wellbeing.

Establishing the business

Your Web Presence didn’t just design a website; when we met Kylie, she had her vision and foundational ideas ready for her business. This wasn’t quite enough to create a website with concrete service offerings.

Chris, our Business Consultant, invested time in mentoring Kylie to establish her business goals. This was essential and ensured that the website truly reflects Kylie’s mission and values, creating a seamless and authentic online presence for Self Nurture Health and Wellness.

Here’s how it turned out

The Platform

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This website was built on the Rocketspark platform. We have partnered with Rocketspark to use their platform for building and running websites that are generally straight forward, and it provides great results quickly. The build process was seamless and we enjoy the prompt support they offer when needed too. 

Learn more about how we use Rocketspark.

Aesthetic Elegance

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One of the key features of this website is its comprehensive and easy-to-navigate menu of services. It was imperative that we showcase Kylie and her heart for people and her work.

We used a soft and inviting fonts, colours and images throughout the easy to follow website.

Each page flows seamlessly to allow visitors to embark on the Self Nurture journey and seek the change that they are desiring.

Kylie’s Story:

At the heart of the website is Kylie’s own story.

Visitors can learn about her personal journey and what inspired her to start Self Nurture Health and Wellness. This personal touch adds authenticity to the brand and allows visitors to connect with Kylie on a deeper level.

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Initial Assessments

Kylie understands that every woman’s wellbeing journey is unique. To ensure the best results, she offers an initial assessment/consultation before any coaching begins. The website provides a detailed overview of this process, giving visitors a glimpse into what they can expect when embarking on their own journey with Kylie.

One-on-One Coaching

For those seeking personalised guidance and support, Kylie offers one-on-one coaching. The website extensively outlines the process, giving potential clients a clear understanding of how they can benefit from this transformative experience.

Team Programs

In addition to one-on-one coaching, Self Nurture Health and Wellness offers “Team Programs.” These small group sessions provide women with the opportunity to connect and support one another on their well-being journeys. The website provides extensive information into these programs, making it easy for women to explore this empowering option.

Booking System Integration

Kylie required a booking system that allows visitors and clients to instantly book an Assessment or service from her website. We integrated Clinkio, an allied health practice management system for health professionals. We highly recommend Clinkio for any health professionals looking to manage their bookings and clients with ease, and can assist with the integration of the software to a website.

Fully Responsive: Help at your fingertips

"Team Programs" page on Self Nurture Health and Wellness displayed on mobile device

Nearly 70% of the population own a mobile device. That is why it essential that web content is fully mobile-responsive.

We ensure that all of our websites are fully mobile-responsive to ensure greater accessibility and connection with customers.

Self Nurture Wellness and Coaching was no exception to this, and we’re really happy with how it looks!

Google and SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps your website to be found and seen in Search Engines like, Google. As a new business, it was important that Self Nurture Health and Wellness is easily seen and found on search engines.

As part of our website building services, we assist all of our clients get up and running where it is really important – Search Engines. Our services cover the creation and set up of their Google Business Profile, including relevant imagery, and connection of their website to Google.

We also optimise their websites so that the services, content and pages are easily findable and rank higher in search engines.

Something super great about setting up a new business with Google is accessing the incentives they offer. Kylie utilised Google’s incentive for new businesses to have their website sponsored and placed at the top of search results for FREE for 6 weeks. As a result of this, she has acquired new clients and great business exposure.

The Website is Live, Yay!

We are grateful for the opportunity to provide an exceptional website that was inline with Kylie’s vision for her establishing business. We’re stoked with the outcome of this website and the success of the business through SEO and social media.

Small businesses are becoming more and more prevalent and we’re eager to help anyone looking to establish their online presence. Contact us to discuss how we can help you!

Visit Kylie’s website today: Self Nurture Health and Wellness

Self Nurture Health and Wellness Homepage on all devices

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