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In today’s digital age, a strong online presence is essential for businesses to thrive.

That’s why Your Web Presence are thrilled to introduce you to the brand new website for Princess Nails Spa and Beauty.

Princess Nails Spa and Beauty are a premier nail and beauty salon located in the heart of Dickson, ACT. 

We were approached to help this new business by setting them up online with a website. And you can’t miss it for its eye-catching design, user-friendly interface, and an array of features. This website is a game changer for both the salon and its clients. 

Here’s a run down of the website:

The Platform

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This website was built on the Rocketspark platform. We have partnered with Rocketspark to use their platform for building and running websites that are generally straight forward, and it provides great results quickly. The build process was seamless and we enjoy the prompt support they offer when needed too. 

Learn more about how we use Rocketspark.

The Design: Make it bright and bold, but with a splash of elegance

The first thing that strikes you when you visit the Princess Nails Spa and Beauty website is its vibrant and bold colour scheme. This captivating design not only complements the salon’s logo but also reflects the inviting and energetic ambiance of the store. The combination of vivid pinks, purples, and gold accents is a visual treat that instantly draws you in. 

The nail and beauty industry would not exist if it weren’t for the enormous amount of visual evidence of the work from the professionals. We knew that it was imperative to include bold, tasteful images to compliment to showcase the business. 

Likewise with the font set – we have used fonts that compliment and match the business’s current fonts and styles found in-store and throughout their existing marketing material. 

Services and Pricing: Explore the Beauty World

Image of "Treatments" page displayed on multiple devices

One of the key features of this website is its comprehensive and easy-to-navigate menu of services. Whether you’re in the market for a fabulous nail treatment, eyelash extensions, eyebrow shaping, or waxing, you’ll find it all neatly categorised at the top of the site.

Each service has its own page that breaks down specific services for customers to understand. On each service page we included transparent pricing information for each service. No hidden costs, no surprises! Princess Nails also uses the website to promote special offers that they run from time-to-time too. 

Social Media Integration: Showcasing the Talent

Social media is one of the key platforms that Princess Nails uses to stay connected with their clients and showcase their exceptional work. Accordingly, it was imperative that we integrate their social media feeds into the website.

You can now easily view their latest nail art creations, eyelash extensions, and flawless waxing results right on the website. We find that this not only adds authenticity, but also keeps the website fresh and dynamic, reflecting the salon’s continuous commitment to innovation and style.

Seamless Booking and Inquiries

One of the key purposes of a business’s web presence is for customers or potential customers to connect and contact the business. In the instance of Princess Nails Spa and Beauty, their goal was for people to make bookings easily through their website.

Accordingly, the website includes a user-friendly contact form where you can easily book appointments or make inquiries. The contact form is available on each webpage so the Princess Nails Spa and Beauty team are always ready to assist and ensure a smooth salon experience.

Helping Customers Navigate to the Business

Dickson is a bustling suburb in Canberra’s Inner North. The small shopping complex is home to the busiest Woolworths in Australia, a wide range of restaurants and cafes, small business and 3 nail and beauty salons! Helping customers locate the salon in the Dickson shopping complex was a top priority.

The website features high-quality images of the salon’s interior and exterior, and also a map of the location to assist the customer locate it. These images not only give you a sneak peek into the elegant ambiance, but also make it easy to identify the salon when you arrive for your appointment.

Meet Sophie: The Heart Behind the Business

We proudly support small local businesses and firmly believe that the incredible, passionate and dedicated business owners and their teams are why they are successful. We consider it a must to highlight these people on their own website.

On the Princess Nails Spa and Beauty website, you’ll have the pleasure of getting to know Sophie, the driving force behind this exquisite salon. Learn about her journey, her vision, and her commitment to providing top-notch beauty services to the Dickson community.

About Us page from Princess Nails Spa and Beauty website on desktop screen

Fully Responsive: Beauty at Your Fingertips

Image of the "Our Services" page on a mobile device

Does anyone even own a desktop computer anymore? Look, we’re not really sure, but that’s why we’ve ensured that the Princess Nails Spa and Beauty website is fully mobile-responsive.

Whether you’re using a smartphone or a tablet, you can access the website and all its features with ease, ensuring that beauty and convenience are at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. 

Google and SEO

As part of our website building services, we assist our clients get up and running where it is really important – Search Engines. Our services cover the creation and set up their Google Business Profile, include relevant imagery, and connect their website to Google.

As part of our build, we also optimise the website so that its pages can become easily findable and they rank higher in search engines (this is called Search Engine Optimisation, i.e. SEO). Princess Nails Spa and Beauty was no exception to this service, and we provided additional training to the team to enable them to check and update their Google Business Profile regularly too. 

The Website is Live, Yay!

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Sophie and her team at Princess Nails Spa and Beauty to build their website. In a world where first impressions matter, the new Princess Nails Spa and Beauty website shines brightly.

We also learned a lot about nail and beauty services that we previously were blind to and had the honour of watching Sophie and her team expertly care for their clients. Not only can we highly recommend you checking our their website, but we can highly recommend you pay them a visit and let them make your day!

Visit the website today: Princess Nails Spa and Beauty

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