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The Assignment

The Defence Anglicans Chaplaincy supports the Australian Defence Force (ADF) family… anywhere, any time.

On behalf of the Anglican Church of Australia, Chaplains are provided to the Australian Defence Force to serve and support serving members, and they themselves become part of the ADF.

The Defence Force Anglican Chaplaincy required a new web presence to provide:

  • Information for military ministry in order to recruit civilian clergy to become chaplains,
  • Resources for serving Chaplains – orders of service, regulations and rules, current notices, e.g. Chaplain retreat schedule; prayer diary (send out prayer requests to all chaplains each morning); Bishop reflection emails,
  • Support services to assist Chaplains in providing welfare assistance, when needed,
  • The ability to donate online to foundations supporting Chaplains,
  • Information on ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day for civilian clergy wishing to conduct special services or incorporate information into a normal service,
  • Anglican laity and for military members interested in finding out more about Christianity or dealing with specific issues facing Christians in the military.

Our Role

 Our role was to:

  1. Provide consultative advice on approaches, then
  2. Deliver the new online services.

Our Approach

Our approach for this assignment was to:

  1. Hold a discovery workshop to identify the purpose and vision of the online presence,
  2. Develop a Strategy plan from the findings,
  3. Initiate the two phase approach of delivering, 1. The website, and 2. an Intranet/portal.
  4. Re-develop the information architecture based on the two phases,
  5. Re-design the website to improve engagement with Commonwealth stakeholders; Defence, Federal Government Leadership, the clergy and potential recruits.

The Design

It was important to address the different target audience needs found in the discovery workshop and paper.

We chose a colour scheme that was complementary to branches of the Australian Defence Force and also presented the key information easily for stakeholders to easily and quickly find things on the site.

The Result

The improved website is assisting Defence Anglicans in their day-to-day activities. It has received positive feedback and has become an effective tool for people having a greater understanding of Defence Chaplaincy and recruitment.

Visit Defence Anglicans here

Defence Anglican Chaplaincy Website Mockup on all devices

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