SQC Group – Architecture, Interior Design, Access and Heritage

The Assignment

The SQC Group have a re-launch of their business from SQC Architecture and The Peppermint Room interiors. The practice was looking at greater engagement with potential clients and the community displaying their work that they had undertaken for a number of their commercial, government and non-government clients.

Altitude Brands was engaged to guide them through their Brand re-design. Part of the deliverables was the style guide creation and website blueprint.

Accordingly, our role was to:

  1. Create the development site,
  2. Implement the site based on the Branding style guide and website blueprint,
  3. Deploy and maintain the site.

Our Approach

Our approach for this assignment was to:

  • Plan, research and provide the development platform for delivery of the website,
  • Build the site,
  • Launch the site in conjunction with the public release of the new practice structure and branding.

The Design

The design provided was very minimal with coloured themes and landing pages for the disciplines with the group. For Architecture, Interiors, Access and Heritage, each have their unique colour palette.

Each of the corporate disciplines has a gallery of work undertaken for users to view.

The Result

The improved website is assisting the SQC Practice in marketing their services and showcasing their work.

Visit the SQC Group Website

SQC Group Mockup

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