Fatch Fitness

The Assignment

Fatch Fitness founder, Adrian Faccioni, was looking to expand his already growing fitness business online.

Fatch Fitness aims to provide exceptional fitness, strength and conditioning training to people who are over 40 years old.

Adrian has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years and brings with him a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to help those looking to change. He mostly trains and assists his exercise community in the gym, but when COVID-19 restrictions fell hard in Australia in early 2020, he knew he had to think outside the box.

Adrian was looking to update his online presence with a fresh look and offer online fitness courses.

The site would require a learning management system for online training courses and a e-commerce solution for sales.

Our Role

Accordingly, our role was to:

  1. Discover what was required,
  2. Develop a model for the business, website, online learning and online sales,
  3. Develop the studio environment for filming, video editing and production,
  4. Re-design the site for the learning management system, and e-commerce for sales,

Our Approach

Our approach for this assignment was to:

  • Assess the current situation and find out what Adrian really needed,
  • Work collaboratively with Adrian to ensure the potential design met his goals,
  • Develop the studio environment for filming and advise on filming,
  • Edit the Course and Video Material,
  • Host the service with integrations to Vimeo and social media,

The Design

It was important to provide a site that focused on the core. We used videos, colour schemes and testimonials to promote the site along with marketing through Facebook.

The Result

The course served the community over the COVID period along with sales of the course.

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Business Details

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ACT 2618 Australia
Phone + 61 412239144
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