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The Assignment

Harriss Jones Lawyers motto is helping you through the Key Milestones of Life.

Kathryn and Melanie founded the practice to assist their community through the important moments of life.

Whether it be buying your first home, creating a Will, changing a company’s structure or handling a deceased estate, they are there to help customers through all of it. 

Their website required an overhaul that would fit in with their company ethos, branding and new location in Janalli in the Sutherland shire south of Sydney.

 Accordingly, our role was to:

  1. Assess their requirements,
  2. Re-structure the information architecture,
  3. Integrate to their billing and booking system,
  4. Re-design the site for easy user engagement.

Our Approach

Our approach for this assignment was to:

  • Understand and gather their requirements,
  • Provide models of designs to demonstrate the proposed website,
  • Make it easy for customers to find things quickly and easily on a mobile device,
  • Integrate the website with their practice management software for billing and appointments,
  • Deliver the new design and working site in time for the opening of their new premises.

The Design

It was important to present the key information easily for customers enquiring about their business. As they have a lot of foot traffic for the business, the site provide an opportunity to validate the quality of the business they were potentially dealing giving them security they are in the right hands.

One of the goals was to ensure that the site was not cluttered, making it easier for users to navigate and further explore the services being offered.

The Result

The improved website is assisting Harriss Jones Lawyers in positioning their services in the Sutherland Shire. There has been excellent feedback around the quality and presentation of the website.

By the way, if you’re after great legal services in the Sutherland District in Sydney, contact Harris Jones Lawyers.

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