3 business benefits of having a web presence

Welcome to Your Web Presence’s first blog article, 3 business benefits of having a web presence.

When I was working for a family-owned small business, it was obvious to me that to grow in the 21st century, the business owners realised they needed to have more than a website they needed a digital web presence.

And while they knew it, just the thought of it and the work involved dragged them down, as their strength was in running a business, not in worrying about being online.

Small business owners know they need a digital web presence, but also know that they don’t know how best to make it happen.

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In fact many don’t even want to know, as it simply takes energy away from running their business!

So what are the benefits?

1.  A web presence increases your online profile

To not have an online presence in the year of 2016 would be like not having a business sign on the door or window of your premises.

Unless you are a pork butcher in Jerusalem, I don’t reckon it would be helpful to your business! Is increasing your profile not one of the challenges of most small businesses?  Increasing your presence online will increase your profile.

More people will know who you are, what you do, what you offer, how you do it, why you’re the expert in your field, and where to find you.  Unless people know about you, they can’t use you.

2.  You’re in client’s handbags and pockets

It’s more than a business card in a wallet.  It is a bucketload of if information.

Most of your clients are mobile users of the digital world, and demand access immediately.

If they want to know something, they want to know it now, not try and remember it for when they get home and try to remember that which they have forgotten, as life moved on. And to compete in the competitive environment of your industry, you could use an edge.

A web presence is exactly that – not just a website, but a whole presence.

3.  A Web Presence is interactive

Here’s the clincher: you can interact with your client base as required.

Or even certain demographics within your client base.

You can communicate various things to various groups and they can interact back with you so as you know how to tweak what you offer!

Want more info?

To find out more about getting started with your web presence, go here.

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