Visualising IT

The Assignment

Visualising IT is our other site for awareness, training and teaching people how to communicate IT using diagrams drawing and presentations.

One of the key aspects of Information technology is ability to use diagrams similar how Engineering has used blueprints for understanding and teaching people how to develop and deliver technology.

Whether your developing a website or an eCommerce site diagrams greatly assist in understand how thins are built, helping people understand processes and make better use and efficiencies when delivering projects using techniques such as Agile project management and delivery.

The goal for this site is to promote the services of Visualising IT providing consultancy and training to organisations to improve their ability to communicate technology.

Our Approach

Our approach for this job was to assess the fundamental requirements for getting a site live to promote the business quickly. At the same time build it in such a way that future growth would easily be accomodated.

The Design

Using a pictorial diagram formed the basis for the look and feel of the website. From there, using the Trademark Logo and colours, provide a simple site to help people understand the purpose of Visualising IT.

Our goal was to provide a site that worked effectively on mobile devices as a mobile device is one of the first things people have on them when they are looking for solar and electrical services.

The site needed to be clean, easy for people to navigate and find out about Visualising IT

The overall website design was modern, and provided easy navigation on mobile devices.

The Result

The website is a one of the key entry points for VisualisingIT, as the program develops people will be able to find articles of interests. The next steps will be the delivery of the  booking platform for classes.


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