EC Perkins 4503

The Assignment

Edward Claude Perkins (EC Perkins 4503 1st AIF 17th Battalion) is recognised as one of the boy soldiers killed in the First World War.

A commemorative was required so that his story could be shared, his relatives could find out about narrative of his short life, the aftermath, and so that other people researching boy soldiers could learn more.

Our Approach

Following our process and framework for developing a web presence, we planned and built the website. Being a commemorative website, it was important to relate and reference facts from several sources, including the Australian War Memorial and also other resources such as National Library of Australia.

Agreements were made with the Australian War Memorial to use copyrighted material on the site.

To further inform people about the site, Pinterest, a social media image site has been used as a promotion platform to direct traffic to the site.

The Design

The site had to be clean and simple to navigate. The information was structured around the narrative so people could follow the story easily.

It was important to use graphical images and elements relevant to the story.

An added bonus to the site was for it to be mobile friendly. The colour scheme had to reflect a military presence, but not be overtly military in its look and feel.

The Outcome

ECPerkins 4503 has met the goals of informing family members and connecting with people who are interested in the story of a boy soldier in the first world war.

The site hasĀ around 300-600 visitors a month.

The Result

An online opportunity for people to know and understand the story of Edward Claude Perkins.

Image of the 4503 ECPerkins website

Business Details

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