Half of My Life

The Assignment

Phil Hall required a blog site to write his memoirs and insights into 40 years of Motorcycling. He was attempting to write his own website but got caught up in trying to create a website vs writing on a subject he was passionate about.

Our Approach

We assisted Phil by developing a blog site as a starting base for his blogging. Over time we have included social media to boost his readership.

The Design

Starting out at ground zero as a blog site means you have the flexibility to change designs over time. The site has had several designs changes since 2008.

The current design is working well and site has scaled with the number of articles and readership to the site. The inclusion of a Mega Menu allows for access to key articles and topics.

The Outcome

The project initially started out as a blog site and Phil’s web presence has extended globally through the website and use of Facebook. He has a high level of readership. Since creating the site, Phil has opened up the opportunity to engage with other enthusiasts and motorcycle celebrities to provide great stories.

What Phil says about his site

My web presence has provided me with a platform to share something I am deeply passionate about and has given me the opportunity to write for Motorcycle magazine as a regular columnist.

The Result

A blogging platform and social connections allowing Phil to contribute to a global motorcycle audience.

Image of the Half of My Life Website

Business Details

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