Katie deVeau

The Assignment

Katie de Veau is a Singer, Song writer, Lyricist, Musical Artist and Public Speaker.

Katie required a website to allow her to communicate with people needing to find out about her music, her work with Church and Faith Based Groups.

Katie’s Web Presence involves connections to Facebook where she engages with her audience.

Our Approach

Using our approach to develop your web presence, we captured the vision and requirements for the website to make it relevant to Katie’s style and audience.

Having a mixture of music, sales and information about classes and courses we were able to provide key information for the type of design Katie required.

The design requirements are that the site work on mobile devices.

The Design

We researched other similar musicians sites. Katie’s design needed to be simple, cross-generational and appealing to people visiting the site.

We focused on the key elements of Katie’ services which can be found on the home page.

The overall website design was modern, and relevant to Katie.

The Result

Katie’s site provides a reference to her activities and people requiring more information about her music and consultancies can find out the information on the site.

Image of Katie deVeau's website

Business Details

Your Web Presence
PO Box 254, Hall,
ACT 2618 Australia
Phone + 61 412239144
ABN: 16 124 890 071



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