Kerrowgair B&B

The Assignment

Kerrowgair B and B (Bed and Breakfast) is the country home of John & Judy Heggart. After an extended break from business and a way of re-introducing the Kerrowgair property to the general public, they required a website that would allow them to be relevant and express the re-vitalised services being offered by Kerrowgair.

We were asked to re-develop their website

Our Approach

Using our approach to develop your web presence, we captured the vision and requirements for the website to make it topical and relevant. From there we were able to provide key information for the type of design they required. The design requirements need the site to work on mobile devices.

The Design

We researched other sites and based on the requirements. John and Judy required a simple design that would be cross-generational and appealing to people visiting the site online and retaining the classic feel highlighting the property.

We focused on the key elements of the business and services being offered by Kerrowgair.

Focusing on keywords and services provided the content was structured to match the service offering.

We ensured that photographs were relevant and unique to the business. We positioned the key information in the appropriate position on the home page so site visitors could quickly access the main points of the site. The front page image was an important feature highlighting the home as starting point and visually displaying services as individual photographs and allow site visitors to explore the site.

The overall website design was modern, and classical focusing on minimalist approach relative to the period.

The Result

Within a couple of months of going live, they were top of their key search term in the organic search in Google. There is a steady increase in searches and traffic and there have been more enquiries that have translated into more service sales.

Without any additional marketing, Kerrowgair B&B has been able to get a consistent and growing bookings through the calls received via the website ranking highly in Google search.

Looking for special night away with special someone, why not stay at Kerrowgair? Visit their website today.

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Business Details

Your Web Presence
PO Box 254, Hall,
ACT 2618 Australia
Phone + 61 412239144
ABN: 16 124 890 071



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