The Healthy Foot: Podiatry

The Assignment

The Healthy Foot (Dickson Podiatry and Footwear) offers a complete foot care treatment. Their aim is to focus on treatments that will solve any problems clients have with their feet and lower limbs.  The practice has progressively grown and has moved into providing footwear advice.

Mark the proprietor, was looking at re-vamping the website as they were changing the marketing model and the old site needed a re-work. Mark contacted us to develop and deliver their new website.

Our Approach

Our approach for this assignment was to:

  • understand and capture the requirements of the practice,
  • keep the site simple for people to easily understand the services being offered,
  • capture some key information to help potential clients possibly understand their issues and make an appointment.

The Design

It was a key concept of the design to keep it clean and simple as it needed to appeal to a wide audience of people requing podiatry services. It would have been easy to bombard the site with a lot of medical related jargon for feet, however, our goal was to provide enough information for people to understand their needs, the way the practice interacted and served their clients and contact the practice.

Dan, our graphic designer crafted a diagram and logo that encapsulated the spirit of the business that also helped people with the concept of understanding that standing on good health was key to a customer’s health.

We provided an easy link for directions to the practice available on the menu.

Lastly, the overall website design is modern and provided easy navigation on mobile devices.

The Result

The website is now responsive to users on a mobile device and provides the opportunity to site visitors to find out more about the practice. It allows potential and current customers to contact the Healthy Foot to either phone or make a booking enquiry for their podiatry services.

Visit the Healthy Foot here

Image of the The Healthy Foot - Dickson Podiatry and Footware


Business Details

Your Web Presence
PO Box 254, Hall,
ACT 2618 Australia
Phone + 61 412239144
ABN: 16 124 890 071



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