VertiGal Aerial Fitness

The Assignment

VertiGal Aerial Fitness is a gymnasium providing training for people to learn pole dancing, silks and Lyra. Aerial Fitness is a growing sport, having its beginnings in gymnastics and pole dancing.

Aerial fitness appeals to people wanting to build their confidence and develop their core strength. VertiGal welcomes anyone already in the sport who are looking to improve their skills, new people looking for a challenge, or groups wanting to explore and try their activities.

In 2017, Vertigal required that their website be updated to allow for easier use on mobile devices, and a site that could be updated by their staff.

The site required a re-design and a presentation layer design that was clean and not distracting to the users of the site.

The new site had to:

  1. Reflect the current activities of VertiGal;
  2. Appeal to wide audience of people to attract them to the sport;
  3. Cater for existing classes and teams with the information they required for their activities.

Our Approach

We worked by prototyping the site to the client and developing functionality required for the site.

Our approach for this assignment was to:

  • Capture the essence of their business requirements and desired look and feel for their web presence;
  • Design an attractive site with appeal and build the system;
  • Provide on-going support for sustainment and growth of their online presence and business.

The Design

The key elements of the design for the aerial fitness site were to provide a look and feel that offered appeal of grace and provide functionality to incorporate timetables and integration of their booking system.

With the majority of site visitors accessing the site using mobile devices, it was important to see that it was a fun sporting activity and they could engage in it easily.

The home page has key information available to help people find contact details, locations, and links to classes. Further information can be found by drilling down the menus or linking through from the homepage to specific pages.

To give site visitors a feel for the environment, we included an Instagram feed on the site so visitors can see some of the activities that occur and feel safe about trying aerial fitness.

The Result

The website is growing and allowing people to connect with VertiGal.

Visit VertiGal

Image of the VertiGal Aerial Fitness Website

Business Details

Your Web Presence
PO Box 254, Hall,
ACT 2618 Australia
Phone + 61 412239144
ABN: 16 124 890 071



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