Web Design vs. Graphic Design

Jeff Cardello has written an important article (link below) for understanding a little bit about online technology shops and how they work.

If you are a purchaser of an online service, such as a website, this article spells out some differences in the thinking and approach to delivering a website.

I know when I studied ‘User Centered Design and Evaluation’ at University, and in practice developing enterprise systems for the Federal Government, the key thing wasn’t about how pretty it looked, but how functional and easy it was to use. It was also assessed on whether the design helped the user get the job done. 

Graphic design, in the web context, is about supporting the user not the ego of the designer.


Original Article – “7 Ways Web Design is Different Than Graphic Design”

On the Venn diagram of creativity, web and graphic design share a few similarities. Both require a good understanding of typography, graphics, and the principles of design. But in the end, web and graphic design are different pursuits with different areas of expertise.

Source: 7 Ways Web Design is Different Than Graphic Design – Web Flow

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