Website Auditing is Crucial for Business Success

Cleaning out a cupboard, or tidying up a shed is similar to auditing your website.

It is crucial for success.

All of these activities are about optimisation – getting the most out of improving something.

In the case of the cupboard, it’s about using the space effectively. In the case of tidying shed, it’s about improving the work environment. When it comes to auditing your website, it’s about maximising the potential to benefit the user and your business for people who connect with you online.

Why and what is an audit?

We’ve come across an article from ManageWP, which has some great points about the benefits of auditing your website.

It goes into the why’s and what’s of an audit.

The article explains what a website audit is, and why conducting one is essential. It also discusses how the frequency of audits will ensure that your website is in good shape and accurately reflects your business or product etc. 

On a side note, did you know that we were early adopters of ManageWP? We actually use it for auditing and managing our client’s websites!

If you require a website audit, contact us today to discuss what’s involved.


Original Article – “Auditing Your Website: How (And Why) It’s Crucial for Success”

A website audit helps keep it relevant, user-friendly, and in top shape. This post will offer four areas for auditing your website!

Source: Auditing Your Website: How (And Why) It’s Crucial for Success – ManageWP

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